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God Rob Ye Merry Gentlemen
A Trail Through Time
Forbidden Touch
Things We Couldn't Explain
Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran
Paper Moon
A Doctor to Come Home to
A Death in the Pavilion
A Question of Loyalty
Face the Wind and Fly
Murder in the Green
Another Cup Of Coffee

Accent Press


Accent Press is a feisty, independent publishing company.

Founded by Hazel Cushion in 2003, Accent Press is an award-winning independent publisher which has become a major name for dynamic trade publishing. The company publishes a range of fiction and non-fiction titles across four imprints. Accent Press was named Specialist Publisher of the Year and was shortlisted for Independent Publisher of the Year at the IPG Awards.

Accent Press has celebrated many major achievements including:
-Winner of the Best New Business
-Wales’s HOT 100 business start-ups – third place
-Multiple titles have been featured in The Bookseller’s Top Ten Charts

The company and its titles have received considerable media attention including items in national newspapers, leading women’s magazines and international radio.