E. J. Harvey


Emma Harvey became a published author on world book day 2014.

Born and raised in the South Wales valleys, Emma showed early signs of creative talent, winning her first art competition at just 6 years old. This continued throughout her youth and following college the natural progression was to develop those skills further and set up in design for herself.

Emma's love of writing came a lot later. She recalls;

'At school English terrified me. I couldn't spell and struggled with reading. I was too scared to try at the risk of feeling more stupid than I thought I was. I used art - my natural skill - to hide behind and no one really ever questioned it.'

It was her husband and two busy children who spurred her to put pen to paper.

'The kids would nag me at bed time to make up stories. This is how Robin came about. The story grew quite quickly from this and within six months it was finished. The original is so different from the book on release. I changed it time and time again as my understanding of writing developed.

Emma has had a number of businesses from graphic design and stained glass manufacture to property development and a coffee shop and deli. She puts the constant shift in careers down to getting bored far too quickly, but admits her over active brain is always looking for the next venture. Her husband - an ex professional boxer - is more than supportive and helps her keep perspective when the wild ideas fly!

Emma now works as both artist and writer from her home in South Wales.

'I am so passionate about creativity. I feel so lucky to be able to do all the things I love whilst being there for my family as they grow.'

You won't find Emma without a writing pad and pen in her bag, she takes them everywhere in case an idea or inspirational moment dawns - much to the amusement of her family.

She loves eating out but can't get on with coffee. A technophobe and quite happy to admit it, Emma is poised for the next chapter and excited about what the future may bring.