eISBN: 9781681465869

Staying Sober: How to Control the Drink Demon

by Binki Laidler

Staying Sober offers both advice and practical solutions for anyone who has had enough of alcohol, no matter what their personal or professional circumstances. As well as sharing her own route to an alcohol-free lifestyle, Binki Laidler draws on the experiences of friends also giving up drinking, and guides readers in losing weight by quitting, and improving both wellbeing and mental health once the Drink Demon is banished.

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About the author Binki Laidler

I have suffered depression and anxiety on and off all my life. When I think of my childhood, I can remember vast swathes of time where I was worried about one thing and another. I was worried that I didn't fit in at school, with anyone, even my friendship group, and likewise at university, later on. I worried about being misrepresented by people who were supposed to have my back....

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