eISBN: 9781681467061

A Seaman's Book of Sea Stories

by Desmond Fforde

"Just the sort of book one likes to find on a yacht's bookshelf between watches." - Classic Boat Magazine

Set sail on a voyage of discovery of great nautical stories.

These stories range from the Napoleonic wars, via ships that traded under sail round Cape Horn, to what it was like to take charge of a ship in Convoy, serve in the force-ends of a submarine or fly a Corsair against the Japanese. If you have seen WW1 picture of a ship in dazzle camouflage, there is a description of how it came about, and the Dunkirk evacuation is movingly depicted. Lastly there is Uffa Fox's airbone lifeboat: a real masterpiece of design, and what a man!

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About the author Desmond Fforde

Desmond Fforde has had a long and distinguished seafaring career. He is cousin of Jasper Fforde. In 1972, he married Catherine Rose Gordon-Cumming and they had three children: Guy, Francis and Briony. His wife, also an esteemed author, writes as Katie Fforde, and she is the sister of Jane Gordon-Cumming. Fforde lives with his family near Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. 

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