eISBN: 9781681466958


by David Rogers

Where love ends and obsession begins is a thin line blurred by too much drink and too many drugs. Girls come and girls go and what they mean is precisely nothing. London, Paris, it’s all the same ...

What happens when you’re approaching thirty, halfway down the wrong career path, and the girl of your dreams is giving you nightmares? Our anti-hero lurches from one unsatisfying liaison to another, fixated on the only woman he can never really have. Reeled in and cast aside, things that used to hold importance – job, family, travel, romance – are rendered meaningless as the one thing he longs for continues to elude him.

After all, what good is getting on with life without the person that completes you?

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About the author David Rogers

David Rogers started writing when he was an overweight ginger bookish sort and kept on writing until he became the same but taller and thinner. He's now the author of two novels: Somewhat Damaged, an eBook-only psychological thriller and ACHE, a tale of sex, drugs, alcohol and travel, now available as both an eBook and in print courtesy of Accent Press.He resides in Harringay, North London.

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