eISBN: 9781681469027

The Defeated Aristocrat

by Katherine John

After spending the last months of the Great War as POWs, Wolf Mau and his fellow soldiers are relieved to be back in Germany. Their homeland is defeated, starving, and broken – they didn’t expect a welcome home party. But neither did they anticipate murder …

A killer is stalking the medieval streets of Konigsberg. A killer who specialises in kidnapping demobbed soldiers … before torturing them using medieval methods and leaving their mutilated corpses in the city’s red light district.

With senior police officials more concerned with politics than crime-solving, it falls to Wolf to hunt down whoever is committing these sadistic crimes – before he and his remaining friends find themselves on the growing list of victims …

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About the author Katherine John

Katherine John is privileged to have published 9 crime books including a Quick Read, The Corpse’s Tale by Accent Press in English and translation.   In total she has published 40 novels (21 historical as Catrin Collier, 3 raunchy as Caro French, 3 novelisations of TV series as Katherine Hardy, 2 as K A John and 1 as K C Watkins). She also had three stage plays professionally produced before she began...

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