eISBN: 9781682990636

Never Dead

by Wonny Lea

Newly promoted DI Matt Pryor is disappointed when his first case seems to be a simple death from natural causes – that is, until the post-mortem shows something quite unexpected …

The elderly man who died on a Cardiff train was murdered – poisoned – by one of the other passengers. But who? There’s a photograph in the dead man’s pocket – a photograph that matches one owned by young professional Ellie Bevan. Is it just a coincidence that Ellie’s the one who stayed with the body until the police arrived – or did she have a more sinister reason for sticking around?

Matt’s boss DCI Martin Phelps is delving into a tricky case of his own. The new superintendent is determined to clear up any old cases with a whiff of police corruption about them and Phelps is sent to investigate the decade-old murder of a young Somali man. He soon discovers that the police reports are filled with errors. Sloppy detective work – or a cover-up?

Both Pryor and Phelps soon find themselves surprisingly drawn towards investigating a respected humanitarian charity. Feted by important people, the organisation isn’t quite what it seems – and a wrong move could spell disaster …

Never Dead is the fifth in Wonny Lea’s Cardiff Bay Investigations featuring DCI Phelps.

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About the author Wonny Lea

Wonny Lea’s career as a nurse started in the ‘Swinging Sixties’ and she went on to become a midwife, managing breech deliveries, twins, and various other complications without an obstetrician in sight and loving every minute of it.   After her marriage, and with a young family, she changed direction professionally, variously managing her own florists, working in the tourist trade, and running a pub.   She also worked on and off for the...

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