eISBN: 9781682991244

A Proper Family Christmas

by Jane Gordon - Cumming

‘Wickedly funny, this Christmas house party is both a delight and a horrible warning.’ Katie Fforde William really isn’t into Christmas – all the jingly tinselly presenty stuff makes him feel queasy. He’d like to spend it alone in his vast old house with his cat. But Haseley House could be a goldmine in the right hands – and William’s relatives want to make sure it does end up in the right hands! Hilary intends to ignore Christmas. With Daniel away, she won’t have to conceal how desperately she still misses Ben. But widows aren’t allowed to spend Christmas alone, and it sounds as if William might need her support. Frances, the nanny, was hoping for a break from spoilt little Tobias, but now she’s told they’re to stay with his eccentric grandfather in some spooky old house. Can Hilary possibly be having feelings for another man? Will Frances overcome the snobbery threatening to separate her and Daniel? This particular family Christmas is going to change everybody’s lives.

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About the author Jane Gordon - Cumming

Jane began writing when she was about seven, and has had numerous short stories in magazines and anthologies. Her first novel,' A Proper Family Christmas', was published by Transita in 2005, and is to be reissued by Accent Press in 2015. She's working on a new romantic comedy, 'A Proper Family Holiday'. In a recent change of direction she has begun a biography of her grandparents, Sir William Gordon-Cumming of...

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