eISBN: 9781682991336

Tomorrow's Promise

by Gillian Villiers

Leaving Glasgow under a cloud when she is forced from her teaching job by a vindictive colleague, Lara Mason uproots herself and moves to provincial Loreburn, determined to put her past behind her. Needing a home in a hurry, she takes the first room she can find, in a house with handsome fellow teacher Mick, whose laid-back manner is infuriating and seriously distracting. Resolving to move out as soon as possible, Lara’s interest is caught by Ladybank Row, a dilapidated group of 1930s houses which remain a genteel haven in the centre of town. Developing them proves to be a serious commitment beset by endless problems. Mick offers to help, but Lara isn’t so sure she should let him …

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