Kate Lace


Kate Lace joined the army at 18, married a bomb disposal expert at 21 and then got thrown out of the forces for getting pregnant. She now has three grown children, and the youngest is a soldier himself who has served in Afghanistan. Lace began writing a column for an army wives’ magazine and since then she has graduated to writing books, many of which have an army theme. They say ‘write what you know’ which is exactly what she does. She has written under several names, which can be confusing, but her website will make things a bit clearer.  

She is an avid traveller, and since her husband is an amateur military historian, many of their travels seem to involve visits to battlefields. 

When she is not working or traveling she serves on the local council – the perfect place for an opinionated person who is a total nosy-parker and who likes people watching.

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