Sarah Turner


An ex alcoholic, Mother, Wife and now Counsellor, Advocate and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who found that using sheer determination and courage that anything was possible. Also part time chicken keeper, dreadful gardener,  lover of bees and horses, and born romantic. Avid foodie, and entertainer, passionate about cookery and recipe books. Totally in love with my county North Yorkshire, whilst having a secret  affair with the South of France. Husband of 27 years Michael, my stabiliser in all things, and son Charlie, who lights up my life daily. Have discovered that being ageing outrageously is doable without a glass of booze in my hand, as I can simply be passed off as eccentric so am constantly excused. Liberated, fun and never judgemental, each day is a gift and my job with Harrogate Sanctuary has to be the most rewarding work in the world. Women getting their lives back, children getting Mum back, and partners falling in love again.


Avid Campaigner for tailored care for alcohol misuse, particularly among women. Sober is the New Black!