eISBN: 9781681465623

The Adventure of the Dead Wild Bore

by Andrea Frazer

The recently-formed private detective agency of (Sherman) Holmes and (John) Garden is going from strength to strength. Holmes invites Garden to a meeting of the Quaker Street Irregulars, a society for die-hard fans of his near-namesake, Conan Doyle’s own Sherlock Holmes. Garden is somewhat taken aback by the fervour with which members of the Irregulars defend their opinions on the great fictional consulting detective – but nobody expects a run-of-the-mill disagreement to turn into brutal murder …

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About the author Andrea Frazer

Andrea Frazer is married with four grown-up children, and lives in the Dordogne with her husband Tony and their six cats. She has wanted to write since she first began to read at the age of five, but has previously been busy raising a family and working as a lecturer in Greek (she has a Fellowship Diploma in Greek) and teaching music. Apart from writing, Andrea continues to teach music,...

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