eISBN: 9781681465944

Love Castaway

by Cara Cooper

Dr Nancy Taylor, is contented with her lone conservationist role on a desert island. When Gareth Marrs lands his plane she wants him out of there. She craves isolation from the real world where she made a mistake so awful she cannot bear to return.

Owner of a luxury cruise line, Gareth plans to profit from her precious hideaway. He is less than honest with Nancy about his reasons for being there. When the island is attacked by Somalian pirates, Gareth not only protects Nancy but begins to understand why she has shut herself away. He is deeply attracted to the beautiful enigmatic scientist, so different from the shallow conquests in his city home. When he awakens the emotions she has hidden for so long, Gareth offers a chance of happiness. But Nancy discovers his real reason for invading her hidden paradise, incensed, she orders him out of her life forever. Gareth isn’t a man so easily brushed off. Besides he knows the only future he can contemplate lies with her if only he can get her to face up to her demons.

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