eISBN: 9781681465982

Lady Luck

by Caro French

Farcreek - a living paradise for the buzzing yachting community privileged enough to reside there. A playground for the young and beautiful, where passions run high, and morals are low ...

It is this hotbed of sex and excess that Lisa Michaels - evicted and abandoned – determines to make her home. Even if it means coming into contact with some faces she would much rather keep in the past ...


Where Rick Morris schemes his way through love and life ...


And where Mandy Manners tries to pick up the pieces, yet again ...

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About the author Caro French

Caro French was born Karen Watkins, and she primarily writes under the pseudonym Catrin Collier. Watkins is Wales' most prolific and well-known author of historical, romantic fictions. The daughter of a Prussian refugee mother and Welsh father, she grew up in Pontypridd. She has written 19 novels for Orion. Her first historical novel Hearts of Gold, was filmed as a mini-series by the BBC in 2003. She lives with her family...

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