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by Dane McCaslin

There are a lot of legends about the Arizona desert. One which has kept people flocking there for a century is the tale of the ‘Lost Dutchman’ and his goldmine … but nothing has ever been found of Jacob Walz and his mysterious treasure. Until now … 

A student from Phoenix comes across a cache of gold coins and an old journal in the desert – but is it the Dutchman’s gold, or something a lot more sinister? Soon the young man finds that he’s stumbled across more than he can handle – a conspiracy spanning decades and continents …

Louis Greywolf Bahe, a member of the Navajo nation, works for the state mining inspector and has therefore heard his share of myths involving the Lost Dutchman. Bahe investigates when the cache of gold is found. Together with Will Delgado, his biker gang associate, Bahe tries to track down the gold – and the perpetrators of some pretty nasty crimes – as he realizes that another ‘Dutchman’ entirely is wreaking havoc in Arizona …

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About the author Dane McCaslin

Dane McCaslin, an American author, resides in the state of Arizona. She has been writing all of her life: poetry, short stories, journals, letters (yes, those old-fashioned epistles that require pen and paper), and now she brings her talents to the mystery genre.   In addition to being an author, Dane McCaslin is an educator. She currently teaches language arts classes for grades 9, 10, and 11 in the public school sector;...

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