eISBN: 9781681467009

The Dog With Nine Lives

by Della Galton

When Della found a stray dog living wild with her thirteen puppies on a beach in Rhodes she was determined not to get involved.

But fate had other ideas and Della brought Lindy back to England.

Lindy had already proved herself to be a true survivor, but she was more of a survivor than Della had ever dreamed. Over the next eight years she survived a series of events, any one of which might have finished off a lesser dog than Lindy. They included: being stampeded by a herd of angry cows; a rare life threatening form of anaemia; being swept down the river after chasing ducks; falling out of a car travelling at speed, and getting lost for a night in a forest.

The Dog with Nine Lives is both poignant and humorous. Dog lovers will love it. It is the true story of a very special dog.

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About the author Della Galton

Della Galton is a novelist, short story writer, and journalist; she is also the agony aunt for Writers’ Forum and has been writing and getting published for over twenty-five years. When she is not writing she enjoys walking her dogs in the beautiful Dorset countryside where she lives. Her hobby is repairing old cottages, which is lucky as hers is falling down.   Find...

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