eISBN: 9781681467276

A Jersey Dreamboat

by Georgina Troy

The third instalment of the engrossing Jersey Scene series.

Event planners Izzy and Jess are badly let down when a Jersey socialite hires them for the busiest weeks of the season and then cancels at the last minute, leaving the girls with no bookings and no money.

Feeling despondent, they try a night out to cheer themselves up, and meet the captivating and aristocratic Ed, who invites the two on a luxury yacht cruise to Nice, together with his two brothers. Romance builds through heady days of blue skies and warm seas, but when a last-minute wedding booking is offered, the girls must return to Jersey, and real life has to begin again … or has it?

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About the author Georgina Troy

Georgina Troy lives in Jersey, an island fifteen miles off the coast of France. She’s a hopeless romantic, always falling in love with heroes real and imagined. Jersey has so much scope for stories, with beautiful wind-swept beaches and intriguing inhabitants, and when Georgina realised that no one else wrote romances set there, she decided she had to provide some.

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