eISBN: 9781682991534

Forbidden Temptation

by Alaina Drake

Jenn Lyons accepts her dream job as an English professor and with it comes the opportunity to mentor the sexy, enigmatic actor Declan Monahan. Although she’s attracted to his actor charm, Jenn insists that her student with a bad boy reputation must remain off limits. But a chance meeting at a rock climbing gym changes everything. Their shared passion for climbing spurs a friendship that soon turns into much more despite the university policies forbidding it. Temptation proves too strong, and all too quickly Declan dominates Jenn, fulfilling the sexual fantasies she never allowed herself to have. While Declan leads Jenn on the climbs and in the bedroom, Jenn challenges the arrogant actor on the stage in confrontations where their lust boils just below the surface. But if the university discovers their affair, both of them stand to lose everything. The lovers hide their passion as best they can, but can a desire like theirs stay a secret?

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About the author Alaina Drake

Alaina Drake discovered her love of writing in the fourth grade when she won her first young author writing contest. After attaining a bachelor's and master's degree in English Literature, she set out to write novels that combine her two loves: erotic romance and classical literature. She has taught literature and writing at both the high school and college levels, and when she's not writing, you'll find her watching sports,...

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