eISBN: 9781681468976

A Question of Loyalty

by Kate Lace

Yvie first meets Adam and Pammy Clifton as neighbours in quarters in Germany, where she has been posted with her soldier husband, Richard. Their friendship is cemented by the shared experience of army life, but is put to the test when the relationship between Adam and Yvie turns into a short-lived but passionate affair.  Years later Yvie is certain that she has put all memory of that ill-fated liaison behind her. But when a released terrorist from Richard's past as a bomb-disposal expert puts his life in danger, she is forced, reluctantly, to turn to her old friends for help. Seeking refuge at the Clifton’s home in the Lake District, together with her teenage daughter Claire, Yvie is all too aware of the smouldering attraction  between herself and Adam, and is determined that it will not be reignited...

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About the author Kate Lace

Kate Lace joined the army at 18, married a bomb disposal expert at 21 and then got thrown out of the forces for getting pregnant. She now has three grown children, and the youngest is a soldier himself who has served in Afghanistan. Lace began writing a column for an army wives’ magazine and since then she has graduated to writing books, many of which have an army theme. They say ‘write what you...

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