eISBN: 9781681469515


by Lynne Barrett-Lee

Sisters Megan and Ffion have never had secrets, so when Megan goes to flat-sit all she's expecting is a rest and a change.

When a stranger called Jack phones, Megan wonders who he is. Ffion behaves like she's just seen a ghost, and refuses to say any more.

So is Jack a ghost?

Ffion's not telling and when she disappears too, the mystery deepens. Megan begins to fear for the future. She's always been the one who's looked after her little sister.

Is this going to be the one time she can't?

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About the author Lynne Barrett-Lee

Lynne Barrett-Lee is the author of five novels and was selected to be part of the Quick Reads Initiative with her book, Secrets. She writes a weekly column for the Western Mail and has had numerous short stories published in woman’s magazines. Lynne lives in Cardiff with her husband and three children. Born in London and now based in Wales, Ghostwriter Lynne Barrett-Lee has been a full time author since the...

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