eISBN: 9781681465593

Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran

by Andrea Frazer

Another tongue - in - cheek romp for our intrepid decrepit heroes. 

Lady Amanda Golightly and her housemate Hugo Cholmondeley - Crichton - Crump return from their visit to Scotland to find a letter informing them that Hugo's sister will be arriving the following day for a month's visit, which sours Lady A's mood as Tabitha constantly bullied her at school.Her manservant's announcement that he is now betrothed to Enid Tweedie, sort of friend and general gopher for his employer, has already unsettled her. 
If that wasn't enough to cope with, it appears that, while they were away, the security of Belchester Towers had been breached and there had been thefts. To top it all, somebody started systematically killing off the domestic staff! 
Enter Detective Inspector Moody and Detective Sergeant Glenister, and all hell breaks loose!

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About the author Andrea Frazer

Andrea Frazer is married with four grown-up children, and lives in the Dordogne with her husband Tony and their six cats. She has wanted to write since she first began to read at the age of five, but has previously been busy raising a family and working as a lecturer in Greek (she has a Fellowship Diploma in Greek) and teaching music. Apart from writing, Andrea continues to teach music,...

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